linen midi dresses

Midi in full rotation

Summer will soon be sprung which means that your favorite linen clothes will be in full rotation! We are pretty sure that we do not have to remind you that linen dresses are an essential addition to your wardrobe if you are a conscious summer chaser. You can wear most of the pieces both casually and dressy - linen is also office appropriate if you go for linen dresses in a midi length.

Coastal style and daily wear

Whether you are going on vacation or simply need something breezy to beat the heat, explore our collection for linen midi dresses, such as white midi dress to complement your coastal wear collection or casual linen dresses to meet your everyday needs. If you do not like compromising between style and comfort, linen midi dresses with button-down closure might be the ones for you. These have belts to tie on the waist and extremely handy side pockets to fit your essentials.

For wanderers and conscious summer chasers

Heading to the beach? Choose your go-to linen beach dress from the comfiest linen tunic collection that features a V neck and different sleeve designs. It is literally the easiest clothing item to pull off - throw it on top of your swimsuit and you are ready to go. For those who wander through different places of the globe, rubber waist dresses are a way to go. Made from medium weight fabric and in charming silhouette, these dresses accentuate the waist and provide maximum comfort while traveling. And if it is not something for your liking, discover our halter linen midi dresses that easily go from hectic workdays to elegant evenings.