table linen

There’s something special about bringing the whole family to the dinner table. Sharing the stories, laughs, and maybe even worries. Even the simplest workday dinner can be special if you bring your favorite table linen items out of the closet to set a cozy and romantic vibe for the evening. Linen tablecloth paired with placemats or napkins can elevate your table and make it feel like a celebration every day. Our table linen collection is the easiest way to find all the beautiful items to set your table for success. Explore our immaculate collection of linen placemats and napkins, linen home décor, linen tablecloths, and table runners.

Bring a restaurant feeling into your own home with table linen

When we are thinking about the restaurant experience, we think about delicious, mouth-watering meals and incredible, elegant table linen. Snow white tablecloths and matching linen placemats with sophisticated details, such as rose gold napkin rings or fresh flowers in a vase. Why not bring this experience to your own home? Investing in gorgeous home table linen will make it easy for you to decorate your home for important occasions such as birthday dinners or seasonal celebrations, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Usually, there’s so much stress in the air when the holidays come. Save yourself some fuss and create a table linen collection that will make your guests wow every time.

Elevate your dining experience with table linen items like tablecloths, runners, and napkins

Setting an inviting table brings us great joy and oh, the reactions of our loved ones! If you want to surprise your family members and make it feel like a celebration every day, choose table linen in interior-matching color, and pair it with contrasting table runners and napkins. If there’s a celebration, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can surely play it up with bright and cheerful colors, such as Reds or Greens. Linen table runners are a great way to bring contrasting colors into your home décor – they give a bit of spice and interesting touch. Linen table runners are also great to create a focal point on your table linen – it is the first thing your guests will notice and appreciate your efforts.

Make your celebrations even more special with table linen

When choosing colors for your table linen, have our interior or outdoor setting and mood in mind. If you are going for a cozy, lived-in look, choose table linen in warm Mustard, Tobacco, or Earth tones and compliment them with matching linen napkins or placemats. To create sophisticated and elegant table linen look opt for Ivory or White tablecloth to make it feel like a high-end restaurant. Outdoor summer celebrations are perfect to bring cheerfulness with your table linen. Opt for yellow, blue, or green tones to compliment the beautiful natural colors.

How to choose the sizes for your table linen?

When choosing a linen tablecloth, have the width and length of your table ready and the preferred drop for your tablecloth. The standard elegant tablecloth drop should not be shorter than 8 inches or 20 cm to allow a good coverup for your table and create a classic, elegant look. The size of napkins and placemats is your preference, but the sizes usually vary from 5x5 inches to 22 inches. Linen table runners are 15.7 inches in width and the length is usually the same as the length of the tablecloth. It provides a tidy and clean table linen look for your home.

What other linen home décor items should you look for?

We all know that a nice interior does not end with your table linen and decor items are the immaculate way to create integrity in your home. Linen pillow covers and linen curtains can complement your table linen collection to create a wholesome, elegant, and classy interior. Explore our linen home décor collection to find the best picks for your cozy and lived-in home look.

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