One step further

Decision to do what we do came from plenty of different reasons. Some of them are very rational and easily understandable, some of them are very serious, even crucial. 

We looked for fabric that would be revolutionary and timeless, something that would help us remain true to ourselves and what we really believe in.  We dedicated our time, energy and soul into working on long-term contentment rather than going for short-term excitement. Creating something good for you and for our world

 As we all may know, linen is fully biodegradable, has high strength and durability and is also environmentally friendly. In addition, cultivation and transformation of flax requires less irrigation, pesticides and energy than most other fibers. Let’s not forget that it has been used for thousands of years dating even Egyptians! The list could go on forever because the beneficial qualities of linen are endless and overwhelming. 

  However, it’s not only about the fabric. For a while we thought about whole fashion industry and were concerned how it highly affects Earth we live in. Waste issues, humanitarian issues, environmental problems…. That is why our priorities and values also included supporting slow fashion and zero waist philosophies. Ideas that we believe might change the  world. 

The wind of change has blown and we created designs using even the smallest scraps and off cuts of  the fabric to create details on our clothing just so it wouldn’t go wasted. Making sure that work conditions in our studio would motivate and inspire our seamstresses, sewing high quality clothing items that would last for years to come.

We do what we do because we know it matters. It matters to us, to you and to our future generations. Responsible choices we all make today can contribute to greater things in the future. It can actually change the world. Change it to the better. It may sound radical but we have taken our step & we encourage YOU to take another

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