Our story is about a woman who celebrates her femininity and freedom by choosing natural products. Staying true to oneself, distant from meaningless things and concentrated to sense of comfort and well-being. With this mentality we are devoted to offering pieces made from finest, OEKO-TEX standards certified linen from our local manufacturers.

All linen products are made in our studio by highly passionate people and that is the main reason of our quality. We believe in perfect fit for each woman and that is why we carefully design each sewing pattern to look most flattering and feel most comfortable. Timeless style along with minimalistic, refined silhouettes and sustainable fabric allows to experience precious moments for a lifetime.

For many centuries of growing and observing linen, Lithuanians perceived not only the material and healing value of the plant but also awarded linen with extraterrestrial properties. It was a symbol of well- being, harmony and purity. We grew up with these traditions so love and appreciation for this fabric is a natural and instinctive feeling. That is why we are happy to share it with our customers from all over the world.

UAB “Memelio atelje”
Naujoji Uosto 3, Klaipėda, 92120