10 benefits of wearing linen clothes

It is no secret that we are head over feels in love with linen fabric. Years of experience with this immaculate material allowed us to explore and educate ourselves about the many benefits of linen fabric. From healthy-related pros to aesthetic appeal, this post will cover 10 incredible aspects proving linen clothes are the number one choice for today and always. 

Effortless, low maintenance

Nowadays people lead busy lives and usually lean towards practices and products that save time daily. Ironing clothes in the morning, having to purchase special care products, or expensive dry cleaning is a real headache for a modern person. Luckily for linen lovers, linen clothes do not need any of that. One of the Linen benefits are that clothes from linen are effortless and can be washed in a washing machine, tumble dried on low heat, or hung on the rack to dry naturally. One of the many cool aspects of linen is that it dries fast, and you still want to use the iron, use it while the garment is still slightly damp. Linen fabric does not require fancy washing products - feel free to use mild washing products you have in your home, and if there is one thing to remember, do not use bleach because on your linen clothes because it will not give the desired effect and could damage the fabric. 

Historical aspect

Although we are all familiar that linen has been around for a long time, here is where things get interesting. Did you know that linen fabric was used in ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt? Indeed, it was. As the textile used for everything from daywear to mummy bandages, flax was a fundamental part of this economy. Absorbent and heat-conducting, linen was ideal for the hot Egyptian climate. Even today, flax linen used in Egyptian tombs is well-preserved, allowing us to tell the story of this ancient civilization.  Linen is even mentioned in the Bible numerous times. We find it magnificent that we still have this fabric around and can experience the best of its qualities that were appreciated centuries before us. 


Classic and timeless

Following fashion trends and experimenting with your look is always fun and exciting, but your everyday closet still needs to be 90 percent of classic and timeless clothes. And this has little to do with fashion. Chic and timeless pieces will always look stylish and presentable, while trendy pieces are a one-season thing only. Creating a time capsule wardrobe is not only a wallet-friendly option, but it also guarantees you always have something nice and easy to wear. Here at Linen Handmade Studio, we opt for figure-flattering, elegant, and chic designs. Not only it easy to mix and match our items together, but the durability of the fabric ensures that your favorite clothes will look just as aesthetic and fresh as the day you bought them. Our smart design allows you to accentuate your best features and hide those you are not that confident about.

 Natural, ultra-hygienic, healthy

We all care about the food we put into our mouths, yet we tend to forget that clothes also have direct contact with our bodies. Did you know that certain fabrics, such as polyester can damage your skin? Sadly, it can cause rashes, and allergies and worsen skin diseases you already have. Studies show that wearing linen has healing properties and presents great results on skin diseases such as eczema. It sounds unbelievable, but one of the benefits of linen is that it is antibacterial fabric, does not absorb any odors, and it is also OKEO-TEX standard 100 certified meaning there are no harmful chemicals in it. In addition, linen clothes work effectively to suppress pathogenic microflora and bacteria while repelling dirt and is considered one of the cleanest fabrics of all. Another interesting fact is that linen clothes have microscopic breaks throughout the fabric. These breaks are vastly credited for offering a subtle massaging effect, which helps your body relax. That explains why we feel so calm and relaxed in our linen clothes.


Temperature regulating properties for all-season wear

It is unimaginably hard to wear clothes in hot and humid locations. Fabric sticks to your skin resulting in an unpleasant feeling, and there is nothing you want more than to take it off. Well, not with linen clothing. Its molecular structure also means that it can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet - the perfect cooling system for the hotter weather. Although linen is practically a lifesaver when it comes to hot and humid locations, you might be underestimating its temperature regulating properties. Linen clothes have a natural tendency to not stick to your skin, retain heat from your body and provide an airy, comfortable feeling. Yet that is not all! It is also a smart fabric that adapts to your body temperature and can keep you warm in winter. It is important to let our bodies breathe even if it is freezing winter behind the window. If you are unsure how to wear your favorite linen clothes in colder seasons, focus on layering and at least choose a linen top to wear.

 Highly durable and long-lasting 

Maybe one of the reasons you do not have linen clothing in your wardrobe is the cost. Yes, linen clothes for women can be pricy, but we like to see it as an investment. Linen fabric is one of the strongest natural fibers even known, it is up to three times stronger than cotton. So one of the benefits of wearing linen clothes is that it gives great durability, allowing linen clothes to be passed down from generation to generation with long-lasting appeal. So yes, it has been around for centuries, yet it ages like a fine wine. Sounds like something from the spell book? Believe it, linen can and does get softer and lovelier with every wash. No running back into the shop every two weeks to get one more cheap quality t-shirt. Your linen dresses, linen tops, and linen pants can last you a lifetime, and if you take good care of the fabric, you will be able to pass your favorite linen dress to your daughters or even, granddaughters. 


Linen is the new cotton

According to a 2020 report on the global market, sales for linen bed and bath items have increased by 4.3 percent. Yet bed and bath are not the only markets on the rise. The fashion industry has welcomed linen clothes back with open arms and brands now use it as an alternative to cotton. Do not be surprised to see the “linen is the new cotton” slogan anywhere. When more and more people lean towards sustainable style options and try to stay away from fast fashion, linen clothes become a number one choice when shopping sustainably. Cotton is now considered an ordinary, go-to option while linen clothes are luxurious and healthy option. Who does not appreciate a little luxury in their life? Especially when it is something environmentally friendly and seriously good for you. 

 Environmentally friendly

We all care about our mother Earth and its natural resources. Why not choose fabrics that are better for the environment? Now you may ask, what are real benefits of linen for environment? Well, flax plants need 60% less water than cotton. It is resistant and has few natural enemies, therefore reducing the need for pesticides or genetic modification. What is more, every single part of the flax plant can be used causing no waste. Even if you would decide to retire a linen garment you can be sure it will not end up in a landfill because the fabric is completely biodegradable. And that is just to name a few. Linen clothes are naturally strain-repellent, so you will be washing your garments less frequently which is again, good for the planet and your wallet.  


Luxurious yet suitable for everyday

No arguing here, but linen clothes for women have a distinct aesthetic appeal that differs from other materials. Because of many wonderful softening and dyeing technologies, it has a soft touch and beautiful wrinkles, crispy texture, and vivid, unique colors. It is easy to dye linen, and manufacturers usually offer so many different shades and patterns. Although it may seem like linen is more suitable for occasion wear, it is loved and appreciated for daily wear too. Quarantine made us all appreciate the comfort of linen loungewear or pajamas because nothing compares to the comfort of linen when you are working straight from your living room.


Humans are now recognizing the negative impact the fashion industry has on our world. Carbon emission, water pollution, clothes pilling up landfills, etc.  And these are only environmental issues. Fast fashion causes many ethical concerns too, such as existing of the sweatshops, incredibly small wages for workers, etc. By choosing linen clothes, you are making a small change towards a natural, sustainable choice that does not harm our planet. Although you may think your wardrobe choice is just a drop in the ocean, every choice we make can cause a chain reaction. Who knows, your decision may influence your sister, cousin, or friend? We firmly believe that if you want to see the change in the world, you have to start with yourself first. 

So many benefits of linen and reasons to love it

Linen has proved itself to be an incredible, durable textile for centuries. Although we only named 10 benefits of linen and why to love and adore it, you are more than welcome to continue on this list yourself. We are sure that if you give linen clothes a try, it will quickly rise to the top of your list. Thank you for sticking around till the very end of this post. We truly hope you found it enriching and helpful. If you have ideas or thoughts to share, feel free to do that in the comments!