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Sustainable fashion resolutions

Sustainable fashion resolutions for your 2019 Spring/Summer closet

Linen Kimono Sleeve Dress

Some of you may have already heard about sustainable fashion and maybe even started changing your fashion habits for the better. While others may still be a little hesitant because even though the idea itself is very appealing, the key question is always the same – where and how do I start? Today, we are giving few very easy tips that we hope will guide you to more ethical and sustainable choices.

You don’t have to start drastically. Start with the little habits that you have and try to change them.  With warmer and sunnier days coming up so fast, you will surely start dreaming about something new, stylish and suitable for your warmer weather wardrobe. And on your next shopping session, we strongly advise not to rush & not to buy things spontaneously. Make a plan of the things that you actually need in your wardrobe, write them down if needed. That will prevent you from buying clothing that easily captures the eye but is cheaply made and with a poor quality.

Linen Kimono Sleeve Dress
Linen Kimono Shirt Dress

Re-thinking. Go through your last summer’s purchases and think of how many times you actually wore them. Count the items that are already worn out, “out of fashion” or simply designs that seemed nice then you bought them but didn’t become your go-to pieces. Knowing that, you can simply tell what worked best for you and what items were waste of time and money – so you wouldn’t purchase the same pieces again. Re-thinking is a great thing to get to know your personal style as well. 

So, what’s your style? Style is something that caughts the way of a stranger, it could be a reflection of your taste, mindset, lifestyle and so much more! We intuitively attract people with the same taste and that’s the first thing that people notice when they first see us. Our advice is to identify your style and become more familiar with sustainable fashion through it. Are you more into smart casual look or maybe you are a free soul spirit with boho style and attitude? Always think to yourself: does this match other pieces in my wardrobe? Is it really my style? Invest into garments that would go with your current wardrobe & would be made from high-strength, timeless fabrics because style and quality never fades.  

Linen Kimono Sleeve Dress
Linen Balloon Sleeve Dress

Outfit combinations. Before rushing & making new purchases, try to create outfits from the designs that you already have. It sounds simple but result is very handy when you put it into practice. Mixing & matching pieces from your wardrobe is extremely convenient because it saves you time getting ready and helps to organize your closet. It also saves you money because you know exactly what’s needed. We know it’s quite hard to close your eyes to sales & discounts in cheap retail store – you simply want to buy more. Even though practicing sustainable fashion takes time and patience, the results are always surprisingly beneficial: to you, your wallet and even our planet. 

Sustainable fabrics. Of course, linen is one of the most durable and 100 % natural fabric. But if you are still thinking about alternatives, always consider the durability of the fabric and chances of it to be recycled. Try not to buy mixed fabric clothing because in most cases, it cannot be recycled and ends up in a landfill. We suggest to spoil yourself with natural materials because it’s the healthiest choice that doesn’t cause allergies, feels soft on skin and lasts you a longest time possible. With closet made from linen designs, you will have pieces that reflect your style and literally lasts you a lifetime.

Linen Button Down Dress
Linen Balloon Sleeve Dress

Quality over quantity. Fast fashion clothing often gives us an illusion that we don’t have anything to wear or we have to renew our closets as often as possible. That’s because of low quality materials and poorly made designs as well as media promoting the negative image of wearing the same outfit twice. We get it, nobody wants to wear a garment that already looks worn out, “out of fashion” or simply cheap.  But luxury and elegance hides in timeless, classic and chic designs. Then you own something that is both elegant, versatile and comfortable you want to wear that item for the longest time. 

We hope this blog post was helpful. If you have questions or things you want to share with us, let us know. Make sure to check our new products with superb quality and classic style! You can find them in our main page. 


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