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More Robe style dresses in our upcoming collection

More Robe dresses in our upcoming collection

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Exciting news! Our new collection will drop off in Early Spring and it would be a sin not to add more Robe style dresses that would complement our current assortment. Why? Because robe silhouettes stole your hearts and been most popular ones for years now. Most of these, of course, are wrap dresses but you will find robe silhouettes with buttons in our new collection as well.  There’s nothing better than being able to wrap yourself in stylish comfort. Our collection will help you do that!

We always communicate with our customers so identifying your needs has been pretty easy. Our upcoming collection made from two different parts will fulfill everyone’s needs for sure. The first one, purposely made for vacations represents playfulness, positive energy and is made for fun activities. Beach sweaters, wrap skirts, simple yet stylish tees (that are perfect for travelling purposes), simply beach looks and dresses inspired by trips around Europe.

Natural Linen Shirt Dress
Linen Handmade Studio blog

Let’s face it – as much as we love vacations most of our wardrobes consists of work apparel. So the second part of the collection is made to help you stay stylish at work. We all love shirt dresses but sometimes these are a bit uncomfortable or movement restraining. Our new design is gonna be nothing like that. It features a belt and a collar that has been purposely designed to help you feel comfortable even if it’s buttoned all the way up. It is also tailored with kimono sleeves that only adds more elegance and stylishness to the design.

You can already tell we are super excited about our upcoming Spring/Summer collection. We just can’t wait to present our new Robe style dresses and other designs.  Stay tuned for updates because first 50 early birds will receive -15 % discount that we will send as a coupon in our Newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to us yet, feel free to do so! You can type your email in the box at the bottom of the page. 

Natural Linen Safari Dress
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