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Vast majority of fast fashion companies offer low cost clothing and update the merchandise according to latest trends. Trends changes quickly, so fast fashion goods end up being thrown away soon after purchase. It’s no surprise that customers throw away goods only after few wears, what surprises the most is that fast fashion companies throw away clothing as well. Because they were unable to sell it. Some of these garments gets recycled though that is only possible if the item is made from one specific fiber. For instance, if your dress is made from both viscose and polyester it will end up in a landfill because it cannot be recycled.  That is the biggest problem caused by fast fashion that already has a huge environmental cost. It’s time to change that.

The good thing is, that you don’t have to do something crazy or drastic, in fact, it’s only about thinking before you buy and shopping sustainably. We’ve said that before and we will say that again – linen is the best choice for that. Growing flax requires less resources compared cotton, not even mentioning synthetic fibers. Our love and appreciation for linen is obvious, however, the main purpose of this blog is not it. It’s the revolutionary power of ‘Made to order’. Method, that lets us create only as much as it’s needed and what’s needed. No waste, only what’s important.


Another reason for choosing ‘made to order’ is that it causes only few exchanges and there’s no need to throw anything away. We sew clothes only after they’ve been ordered and we make any requested changes. This includes anything from adjusting the garment according your figure, height or measurements to making absolutely unique custom orders. While working together we can actually contribute to brighter future and less resources used. Making an order with us, you will receive clothing item that will be made just for you – designed to flatter your figure, accentuate your best features. Made to order means that we become your personal online fashion designer, ready to adjust any garment according to your needs.

No matter how hard fashion retail companies would try, they will never be as sustainable as companies who only sell made to order items. In addition, these items are mainly created by small businesses (like ours) which guarantees unique and exclusive design you will not see everyone in the street wearing.


In a world obsessed with consuming we encourage you to think about your clothing in a different way and choose mindful living. Supporting sustainable fashion is not only about a choice of clothing but a way of living and focusing on what’s important – collecting moments, not things. That gorgeous dress you own is not just a piece of fabric but a lovely memory. Maybe because you wore it last summer then camping with friends or on your daughter’s graduation. And just because that lovely dress has been created from sustainable fabric and exclusively for you, you will want to wear it again and again. Even 10 years after.

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