Care Instructions for Linen

Care instructions for linen clothing 

Care Instructions for Linen

What we like most about linen is its sustainability, durability and strength but in order to keep it that way it’s important to know how to take care of it. Today we are going to tell you very easy tips and tricks on how to keep your favorite linen pieces in good quality for many years ahead. 



First things first – separate dark colored items away from the white onesWe recommend using natural washing product only, for example a mild soapLinen is a natural fabric and it does not require any chemical washing products to be used. In addition, it becomes softer and feels better on skin then it has been washed naturally.  

 Feel free to wash linen in a washing machine, plain white linen at 60 degrees, colored linen at 40 degrees.  If there’s a stain on your garment – try to react fast. Even though linen is a very stain resistant fabric it would be better to rinse or soak the stain immediately. Once again, use a natural stain remover for that.  

Care Instructions for Linen
Care Instructions for Linen

As previously mentioned, it’s okay to use a natural stain remover but never use a bleacher on your linen clothing. Not only it doesn’t give a desired effect but it also destroys the fibers of fabric and it loses its quality and aesthetic look.   

Last tip – we highly recommend not filling the whole machine with clothing – if you don’t want a very wrinkled look, keep your washing machine filled halfway only. That also guarantees that there’s plenty of water for linen clothes to rinse perfectly



You can tumble dry your linen pieces on a warm temperature but do not over dry itTake it out then it’s still slightly damp to reduce excessive shrinkage and fabric damage.   

Care Instructions for Linen
Care Instructions for Linen



The best and time-tested method for ironing linen is to keep it slightly damp so the heat of the iron would dry the fabric removing the wrinkles at the same time. Some also prefer to spray water on dry linen and iron it then.  

We believe that softened linen looks best then it still has wrinkles on it. That way fabric has a lot more texture, distinctive crispness and structure which gives it a very authentic, unique look 

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