Made to order clothing – the new level of sustainable Vast majority of fast fashion companies offer low cost clothing and update the merchandise according to latest trends. Trends changes quickly, so fast fashion goods end up being thrown away soon after purchase. It’s no surprise that customers throw away goods only after few wears, what surprises the most is that fast fashion companies throw away clothing as well. Because they were unable to sell it. Some of these garments gets recycled though that is only possible if the item is made from one specific fiber. For instance, if your dress is made from bothRead More →

Wardrobe staples from linen Some of us find it hard to decide what to wear every time we go out. To work, to a birthday party or just a  casual walk in the park. We want a wardrobe made from natural, long-lasting and timeless designs without having to buy/spend too much. And while trends come and go, there are few essentials that can build your wardrobe and literally last a lifetime. This is our list of absolute linen basics that go well together and gives a guarantee that there’s always something to wear.  The very first item is our absolute favorite V neck shirt. Unique design makes it stand out from any other white linenRead More →

One step further Decision to do what we do came from plenty of different reasons. Some of them are very rational and easily understandable, some of them are very serious, even crucial.  We looked for fabric that would be revolutionary and timeless, something that would help us remain true to ourselves and what we really believe in.  We dedicated our time, energy and soul into working on long-term contentment rather than going for short-term excitement. Creating something good for you and for our world.   As we all may know, linen is fully biodegradable, has high strength and durability and is also environmentally friendly. In addition, cultivation andRead More →

Care instructions for linen clothing  What we like most about linen is its sustainability, durability and strength but in order to keep it that way it’s important to know how to take care of it. Today we are going to tell you very easy tips and tricks on how to keep your favorite linen pieces in good quality for many years ahead.  WASHING    First things first – separate dark colored items away from the white ones. We recommend using natural washing product only, for example a mild soap. Linen is a natural fabric and it does not require any chemical washing products to be used. In addition, it becomes softer andRead More →

Process of making a wrap linen dress Making a linen dress can easily be compared to making a work of art – we put a lot of energy, time and passion to it. Today I am inviting you to see the whole process of making a wrap linen dress. From conversation with a customer, linen fabric and sewing pattern to beautiful softened linen wrap dress being ready to send. It all starts with a conversation. Communication is the key in order to know the needs of the customer, especially if there are doubts about the size, design or color. I am willing to resolve every issue and take every single detail into account. Your satisfactory experience is our team’s biggestRead More →